Longmire and Other Wyoming Movies

Looks like Wyoming will not have to wait much longer for football or Longmire, both are coming this fall. Longmire will be here in early September with ten new episodes. Not sure I understand the concept of Netflix yet, all episodes will be available that same first day. I remember waiting for so many shows for the next week to bring a new story. Maybe I will just watch one episode each week for ten weeks – no probably not.

Although Longmire is popular in Wyoming, many wish it could actually be filmed here. Most will not notice, but those of us who live here do. New Mexico has a lot in common, scenery wise, with Wyoming, but not everything. But we do love our Wyoming authors, especially Craig Johnson the Longmire creator, and C. J. Box the bestselling author of Wyoming mystery novels.

Quite a few westerns have been filmed in Wyoming over the years but Hollywood tells us that our unpredictable weather and predictable short summer making filming difficult. Never the less a few good ones have been filmed here. 1953 seems to have been a good year when both, Shane and The Big Sky were filmed. The Mountain Men, filmed in 1980 is another notable Wyoming western.

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