Wyoming History - Kings of Wyoming

It was a long road to statehood for Wyoming. The area that today makes up Wyoming was first claimed by the Spanish, then the French, followed by Mexico, and the Lone Star Republic of Texas before it became a state.

Kings of Wyoming – Parts of Wyoming came under the rule of 12 Spanish Kings from 1479-1821. Ten French Kings also ruled over various parts of the state from 1515-1792. When France became a Republic, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte sold the area known as the Louisiana Purchase, including a large area of today’s Wyoming, to the United States.

I love the line from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when Butch keeps asking, “Who are those guys?” That said, here is a list of Kings that at one time ruled over all or part of what would one day become Wyoming.
Spanish Kings – Four named Charles, four Phillip’s and four Ferdinand’s
French Kings – Francis I and II, - Henry II, III and IV - Charles IX and a bunch of Kings named Louis, including Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV and Lewis XVI

Wyoming became a state in 1890 a mere, 127 years ago.
Wyoming was carved from an area passed up by all but native peoples for centuries. It was, for years, ruled by, or claimed by many entities. All areas surrounding Wyoming were established in some manner before Wyoming, causing some to refer to the cowboy state as the Leftover Territory.

In 1861, Wyoming, for the first time started to take shape. What happened in 1861 that caused this? The formation of Colorado Territory giving that state a northern border and Wyoming most of its southern border. Also in 1861 Nebraska Territory was divided with the Territory of Dakota created to the north and west. When Idaho Territory was created in 1863 the eastern state line was created. In 1864 the establishment of Montana created a northern border. At last, in 1865, Wyoming Territory was mentioned in Congress for the first time, and three years later, in 1868, it became a reality.

I wrote on this topic, with a few more specifics about the creation of Wyoming borders, a few years ago. If you would like to see that post click here.

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A Busy Summer

This has been a very busy summer – not sure why. I have spent precious little time researching the two nonfiction books I am working on, and too few hours out with my cameras.  Now with school back in session, and the summer winding down. it is time to get back in the groove.

This week I thought I might post a few Wyoming wildlife photos I have managed the past few weeks.

I spent some time at an event in Sunrise, Wyoming last weekend and will be heading back there this Saturday for another event. It is terrific to see this old place being brought back to life. It also gives me a chance to sell a few books and talk with many interesting people. 

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And at the end of the day a wonderful sunset - this one from last evening in beautiful Guernsey State Park.