4 Season Wyoming

It happens every year. August rolls around and it is too hot. Not for me, but people all around are complaining. “I’m ready for fall,” is one of the most heard comments this time of year.
The problem is that we live in a true four season area - if fall comes early, winter cannot be far behind. A few skiers might be anxious for winter and snow, but most of us can wait. I like the heat, enjoy sipping Ice Tea on the deck in the shade, now that’s livin’.
The all-time record high for Wyoming I the summer is 116 degrees, now that’s hot. Much cooler here our all-time high is a mere 115. And about cold, Wyoming’s all-time low is -66 degrees. Here, where I live, the low is a banana beltish, -46 degrees.
A touch of snow last winter

We live in a high plains desert climate here with not much rain (a bit over13 inches a year), but not much snow either, (only 16 inches a year). Together that only adds up to about 15 total inches of moisture a year. Dry but low humidity and not much wind makes for comfortable living most of the year.
Grandkids walking in the summer sunshine

I enjoy the four seasons we have here. In winter, we have mild spells when it is quite nice outside. I have managed to play golf in 35 of the last 36 months and the month I skipped others did get out.
When it’s summer, I love it, when it is fall, I love it, when it is spring, I love it and when it is winter – well it’s cold outside.
Spring wind on the water at Guernsey State Park

4 seasons – couldn’t live without them!

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