Wyoming's Worst Fire

Fires are a big part of the news this time of year. The past few days our air has been filled with smoke, and we are hundreds of miles from the wildfires.
Smoke filled sunset this evening
Brings back sad memories of 2012 when a wildfire got within a mile and a half of our home. I feel for those who are going through the devastation of fire this summer and pray that rains will come.
Moon rising last summer over area devastated by 2012 fire

The Backwater forest fire, near Cody in 1937 was the most devastating in Wyoming fire History. Not in acres burned, but in loss of life.The fire was started by a lightning strike on August 18. When the fire quickly turned three days later firefighters were trapped, killing 15 and injuring an additional 38.

In my recent book on the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) I mentioned that during the CCC period in America fires were taken care of more efficiently than at any time before or since by the tremendous labor of the men of the CCC.  It is a sad reflection remembering that of the 15 who gave their lives fighting that fire, 12 were members of the CCC, all but one from the camp at Tensleep Wyoming.

Fires can happen anywhere and for most of the year – I hope we all are doing whatever we can to stop manmade fires.

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