Women's Right's and a Great Career

How about this man’s career? John A. Campbell joined the union army in 1861 and by 1864 was brevetted as a Brigadier General. In April of 1869, President Grant named him Wyoming’s first territorial governor where he served until March of 1875.

 During his term, he signed into law America’s first women’s suffrage bill, making Wyoming the first state to grant women the right to vote. Not everyone around the state, nation or world was happy with this turn of events.
One example was this little ditty –
“Baby, baby, don’t get in a fury,
Your mama’s gone to sit on a jury.”

Two years later a bill passed both houses of the Wyoming legislature to withdraw women’s suffrage. Campbell vetoed it and Wyoming remained as the first to grant women the right to vote.
 His resignation followed his appointment as an assistant Secretary of State. He resigned his Secretary position when he was appointed American Consul to Switzerland in 1877. He died in 1880 and was interned in Arlington National Cemetery. Quite a career, and quite a life for a man who died at the age of 44.
Nothing beats a great Wyoming view - took this a mile and a half from home

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