Fort Laramie Council of 1866

After the famous Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 and before the second Fort Laramie Treaty in 1868 came an important but less know event, The Council of 1866.
Parade Grounds at Fort Laramie
During this meeting between soldiers and nearly 2,000 Sioux Col. Henry B. Carrington showed up, with his men, on their way to establish a series of forts on the Bozeman Trail. The forts, soon to become, Reno, Phil Kearny and C. F. Smith in Montana ruined any chance at peace the meeting had. The Indian delegation wanted the whites out of the Bozeman trail area, not more forts, and more soldiers.
 Housing at the Fort
Modern Day Camp on the Laramie River, near the site of Sioux Camp in 1866
Red Cloud accused the whites of treachery and left the meeting. The treaty of 1868 did little to appease the feelings of the tribes, and within a decade the Indian wars were at their height in Wyoming and the west.


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