What, Automobiles in Yellowstone!

Onward – to Yellowstone – In an automobile

The Official Route Book of the Yellowstone Highway Association in Wyoming and Colorado, published in 1916, first invited people to visit the park in their autos.

The association, started in Douglas, Wyoming (1915), with a stated purpose of promoting good roads everywhere, but had a special emphasis on roads leading to and from Yellowstone Park in Wyoming’s Northwest corner.

Care was taken in promoting a route through towns and cities with the best accommodations and also homes one of the commissioners/members, of the Yellowstone Highway Association. It took a bit of time to convince the United States Government that automobiles would be safe in the park, but at long last they reluctantly went along with the idea. They finally allowed with a note that, it looks like maybe automobiles are here to stay.

All cars were to be inspected to make sure they had enough gas to make the trip through the park and that the tires were in very good shape, along with the general condition of the car. No motorcycles or busses, with paying customers, were allowed. Each driver was given a copy of driving regulations when entering the park, these included the time it should take to reach various destinations around the park.
1916 Ford
-The following rules were to be followed when driving through the park-

Speed- Limited to 12 miles per hour going uphill and 10 miles per hour going downhill-8 miles per hour on curves

Teams- “When teams, saddle horse, or pack trains approach, automobiles will take the outer edge of the roadway, regardless of the direction in which they may be going.”

Charges- $7.50 for a drive through the park or $10.00 for the year, October 1 to the last day of September

Fines- Times where checked and recorded and fines were given for arriving at the desired destination too fast, how much? Fines were .50 cents for each minute early for the first five minutes then went to a dollar a minute if the driver arrived more than five minutes early. Faster than that, could be fined $25.00 dollars and ejected from the park.

I visited the park last September and am ready to go back.

Not sure who was most excited when we saw this Grizzly, Me or my grandson
Must have been quite an adventure, driving through the park, come to think of it, it is still quite and adventure.

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