The Wyoming Eclipse

The big solar eclipse is only a few days away. I am doing a book signing at an event in Sunrise Wyoming on Sunday, the day before the eclipse, and then expect to stay home on the big day and watch the sun disappear as I sit on our back deck.

Wyoming is expecting as many as 600,000 people to see the sun disappear for a few minutes. The last big eclipse was more than 40 years ago and the last total one was in 1919.  That, nearly a century ago eclipse, lasted for nearly seven minutes, long enough for scientists to measure the bending of light from the stars as they passed near the sun. Those measurements proved true Einstein’s theory of general relativity, the theory which describes gravity as a warping of space-time.

Guernsey State Park is expecting a couple of thousand extra visitors this week-end
But at the end of the day, I expect the sun will set over the lake as normal

The above is likely the only science lesson that will ever be found on this site. Thanks for reading and wherever you are, enjoy the eclipse. 

By Wednesday Traffic will be back to normal

Maybe a few small Bison stoppages 

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