A Busy Summer

This has been a very busy summer – not sure why. I have spent precious little time researching the two nonfiction books I am working on, and too few hours out with my cameras.  Now with school back in session, and the summer winding down. it is time to get back in the groove.

This week I thought I might post a few Wyoming wildlife photos I have managed the past few weeks.

I spent some time at an event in Sunrise, Wyoming last weekend and will be heading back there this Saturday for another event. It is terrific to see this old place being brought back to life. It also gives me a chance to sell a few books and talk with many interesting people. 

Meanwhile, two of my Wyoming historical mysteries are selling at a record (for me) pace. If you have a chance take a look here at my Amazon author page and take a look at, Commitment, and The Ghost Dance, and read a free sample of Wyoming fiction.

And at the end of the day a wonderful sunset - this one from last evening in beautiful Guernsey State Park.

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