Living in a Small Town

Since I have never lived in a town with more than 30,000 people and have spent most of my life in towns much smaller than that I do not know much about city life. One thing I do know is about life in the country, in my case in a rural Wyoming town of 1,200 people. What I know is friends and neighbors can be great.

My pickup has been down for a week, the shifter would not put it in any gear, including park. Diagnosis from the Dodge dealer, it needed a new steering shaft. Ouch! $1,800 for the shaft and several hundred in labor. I looked it up online and this seemed about right.

Here is where the great small town neighbor part comes in. My, across the street neighbor, said, “Let me see what I can find in the junkyard.” The next day he said he found one for $75.00 plus the cost to take it out. Good deal I figured maybe a $100 or so to take out. I told him to go ahead. Well, he found one, but it was already out and for $65.00.

Today I subbed at the school teaching high school history classes. When I got home he had already replaced the old with the new – all done. Then he decided that my battery cable ends should be fixed, and they needed it.  He didn’t want to see me stranded somewhere, so he put on new ends.

Now the pickup is once again running great, thanks to a kindly neighbor. I can hardly believe when we read all the bad news in today’s world that there are people like this man. Always paying it forward. 
Here is our previously, and once again, reliable pickup up on Black Mountain

Thanks a million Bob. and when I can I will pay it forward for someone myself.

Love living in small town Wyoming – where the livin’ is easy.
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