Things I Saw Today

All too often we forget how lucky we are to live in Wyoming. Sometimes we don’t take the time to look around enough. With the economy in a temporary tank now is the perfect time to see the good things.

Seagulls in the North Platte River

For me it doesn’t take much, just a short drive, about an hour, is all it takes. Today with the snow falling that is what we did, took a short drive. As usual, the sites were terrific. What a great place to live.

Trickle Falls in Guernsey State Park

I did, as I always do, took along my camera.

Turkey in the Snow

So today’s post is – stuff I saw in the park today.

Spring, even if it is Snowing

-Once again it is time for monthly Wyoming Trivia-

         1.  What was the dividing line for Wyoming’s first two counties?

          2.  How many counties did Wyoming have when it became a state?

       3. The time of the mountain men was an interesting and colorful part of Wyoming history and the great event of the year for any mountain man was the annual rendezvous. How many Rendezvous were held?

See Answers below photo – don’t peek.

Family Outing

1.     The Continental Divide
2.     13

3.     16

A Wyoming Picture - Horses in the Snow

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