An Old Cowboy’s Philosophy of Life

An Old Cowboy’s Philosophy of Life

Reading from a famous Worming book of yesteryear I ran across a most interesting philosophy of life. A few snippets I took from the chapter.

·        Time is arbitrary, age is dependent, if and but, are not in my vocabulary and I know not their meaning.

·        Age? Anyone passing over the divide in Wyoming short of the century mark must go by accident or some ancestral ailment passed down through the ages from one of Noah’s sons.

·        Tomorrow is the best day on the calendar; yesterdays are history and irretrievable.

·        The term optimist has been applied to me and aptly, and I am this kind. If a pool of water twenty feet deep, with a rock weighting a ton resting on my chest, I would be thankful it didn’t weigh two tons.

His Book & Legacy

Good stuff and all from Charles A. Guernsey from his book, Wyoming Cowboy Days. Guernsey has a town, reservoir, and a state park named after him.

The book, published in 1936 is hard to find, although there is a more recent redo of it.  Good Stuff, maybe we should all live a bit more optimistic, like Mr. Guernsey.
Guernsey State Park
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