False Fronts in the Old West

I have long enjoyed the look of old west false front buildings. Not many left any more.
False fronts were used on business buildings to give a more dignified look and a more permanent look to the building and business. People moving in from the east were supposedly impressed by the eastern appeal of these buildings. Store keepers and town builders felt the false fronts, turning one story building into two stories, gave the appearance of a busy commercial district.

One interesting story says the false fronts were used in Colorado to hide the mountains from the new easterners, thus not reminding them they were not back east any longer. Today mountain views are one of the great things about the mountain west and they can cost homeowners a lot of money. How times have changed. 

The Photos are from main street in Hartville Wyoming a great old west tiny (population less than 100) town.

For Sale Business Building

Hartville Post Office

The Old Fire House - There is a Very Nice New One Now

And a Fixer Upper

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