Never liked the term, Wyomingite, doesn’t sound nearly as good as Texan, Nebraskan or Arizonian. Might be a few other ite states out there, but off hand I can’t think of any. Must be why we call ourselves the Cowboy State, which at least to me, sounds pretty cool and we can say we are Cowboys, even if we are not.
Cowboy Football
The state of Wyoming was nearly named Lincoln but that name was voted down when a few senators decided that since no other states were named after a president it would be inappropriate to name the cowboy state Lincoln. Washington, at the time was only a territory and it was believed that name would be changed, if and when it became a state.

Funny, but I believe the fine people of Lincoln, Nebraska, very near where I grew up, refer to themselves as Lincolnites.

Guess when I moved away from Nebraska, over three decades ago, I was destined to be an ite, no matter what.
Why I Love Being a Wyomingite

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