Wyoming Buffalo

The plains Indians lived on them, the railroad was built with their help, and early travelers on the trails-west often caught a glimpse of buffalo, or bison, along their journey.

I have been enamored with the buffalo since I was a kid. I love to watch them moving, so slow, over the grassed plains. If need be, they can run and running they are graceful and fast. Over the years I have snapped hundreds of photos of bison and even attempted to once draw one, with no success. Later I recalled that I had also attempted to draw a horse, cow, mountain and my friend Mike, none were critically acclaimed. That’s when I turned to taking photos, with much better success.

This weekend we traveled with friends, we have known for a lifetime, up into the Laramie Range to take a look at the buffalo that roam a ranch of thousands of acres. I always enjoy it, the roads are not fenced and if there are cross fences they are miles apart. A bit like the buffalo of the old days.
A fun trip, beautiful weather, good friends, a fine restaurant up on the mountain, and you know what?  I still love looking at the buffalo.
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