Wyoming Snowstorm and Trivia Too

It’s always fun to see the weather reports get it right. Lots of snow and we did need the moisture, after the wind of the past two weeks.
Not sure how a foot and a half of snow was handled in the old days. Probably a lot like me with this one – stay inside and read a book, or work on a project of some kind.
Pine Tree sagging onto garage
The only time I ventured out yesterday was to clean off our dish so the TV stations would come back. Later we did a bit of shoveling from our back door to the garage. All in all, it was a pretty good day.
My back, Rasberry Patch
I did finish the cover for my new book, the third in the series of kids books written for second, third and fourth graders. Now awaiting the proof copies.
Cover for New Kids Book - Should be available by mid-March
It has been too long since I posted my infamous, Wyoming Trivia. Today, give these five questions a try.

Answers below the next photo.

1.   Who was the leader of the first Geological Survey into Yellowstone?
2.   What Wyoming County sits in the middle of these six counties: Sheridan, Cambell, Converse, Natrona, Washakie and Big Horn?
3.   What is the oldest of the five major dams on the North Platte River? This dam is over 100 years old.
4.   What river disappears into Sinks Canyon?
5.   What man caused a controversy at Fort Laramie by hanging two Sioux with chains, and still went on to be appointed as a Wyoming Territorial Governor?
Now let's see how you Turkey's did!
1.   F. V. Hayden
2.   Johnson County
3.   Pathfinder
4.   Popo Agie

5.   Thomas Moonlight
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