Independence Day - Independence Rock

I will be away for the next few days, off to Nebraska to visit family. We are looking forward, as we always do, to catching up with old friends and relatives. When I was a kid, after Christmas, Independence Day or as we always referred to it, The Fourth of July, was my favorite time of the year. Why? Fireworks! Doesn’t every kid love fireworks? Playing with matches and with parents permission – awesome, at least when we were kids.
Grand Kids Lighting Fireworks - See the Punk in His Hands?

It just isn’t in today's world where Independence Day was a big deal. Independence Rock, North of Rawlins, was named because wagon trains needed to be that far along the trail by the first part of July. If they had it, some pioneers celebrated the 4th by setting off explosions – big ones. A stick or a few sticks of dynamite most often did the trick. A big feast, fun and games most often completed the day of rest on the trail. 
Along The Oregon Trail

The next morning, July 5th, it was back on the trail and the drudgery of day to day on the road was back. 
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