How Hot Was It?

Remember any of these old jokes?

How Hot Is it or Was It?
ü Chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs
ü I saw a dog chasing a cat, both were walking
ü Hot water now comes out of both taps
ü Cows are giving evaporated milk
ü Today I bought stock in Gatorade, Powerade, and three Ice Companies
ü My pickup overheated before I started it
ü Hot water now comes out of both taps
ü The temperature dropped to 90, and I thought I felt a chill in the air.
ü I spit out the back door, and before it hit the ground it froze – oh, never mind, that was a winter joke, but it sure helped me cool off.
A Nice Cooling Photo

For Informational Use Only – Hottest day in Wyoming History-115 In Basin Wyoming. At one time today, my weather app had 111. That is a record for me, highest on my phone app. The phone was so hot I nearly dropped it. 
Tomorrow I Will Try Flapping My Wings to Cool Off
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