The Harbinger of an Early Spring

What? A Vacation in March!

We took a short vacation this week and headed southeast Nebraska to see friends and family. On the way, we stopped over in Grand Island, Nebraska,  to see the beginning of the northern migration of the Sandhill’s Crane. They are spectacular, in action, size, and sheer number, as the birds make their annual trip north.
Great Looking Birds

Sandhills Crane

Several tribes in the West told stories and had clans named after the Crane, although most, of these tribes, are to the south, east or north of Wyoming. Our state does have cranes passing through twice each year, and I have watched and listened to them many times as they do their fly over. The long and lean birds make a most unusual sound, one I find quite pleasant to the ear. Though they do not live here, we see them twice each year, going south and again coming back. This year, they are more than a month early, if this behavior is as good a predictor of weather as legend and lore say, it looks like an early spring and summer.

Photos of Wildlife

I enjoy getting a chance to photograph animals in Wyoming and surrounding states, one of the great things about living “out west.” Often I wonder about myths, legends, and stories that surround the animals I photograph.
Tried a few dark shots - lots of Cranes sitting on the Platte River

Back to the Grind Stone

Fun times, a nice break, and now it looks like I will get back to work on my books, oh, and play some golf. 
Jumping and Showing off
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