Wyoming and the Military

Starting with Fort Laramie in 1849 Wyoming has a long history of positive involvement with the military.

On the grounds of Fort Laramie

In the Spanish-American War Wyoming was the first state to respond to America’s call for volunteers with a full quota of soldiers. In fact, the state sent more than times the number of men the government asked for. In World War One, Wyoming sent nearly seven percent of its population, more than 11,000 men.

Teddy Rosevelt with the men

Wyoming today, has the oldest continuously active United States Air Force Base. Francis E. Warren – F.E. Warren, in the United States. The base, established in 1867 as  an Army Base, Fort Russell, was changed in 1947 to today’s modern Air Base.
The base houses the 90th Missile Wing of the Twentieth Air Force Global Strike Command.

F. E. Warren

Wyoming is also home to Camp Guernsey, one of America’s Premier Joint Training Centers. Camp Guernsey, a facility of nearly 80,000 acres, hosts National Guard units from around the country each year. The camp, used year round, is an active training ground for both the U.S. Army and Air Force.

C-130 Jump at the North Range


Army Rangers on a Jump at Camp Guernsey

Thanks to all have served and God Bless!

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