Gannett Peak Wyoming

Gannett Peak, Wyoming’s highest mountain, reaches 13,785 feet. The Peak is more than 10,000 feet higher than Wyoming’s lowest point on the Belle Fourche River in northeast Wyoming where the elevation is a mere 3,125 feet above sea level.
Gannett Peak

Gannett Peak was named for Henry Gannett a Harvard educated geographer and map maker who traveled west on the Hayden expedition to map the greater Yellowstone area. The Peak probably would have been named after the pathfinder himself, John C. Fremont, but he had already named a peak after himself mistakenly thinking it the tallest in the area. 
Henry Gannett

Seems like Gannett Peak is a great name in this day and age as Mr. Gannett is considered the father of the Quadrangle which is considered the basis for all topographical maps in the United States.

Thursday – Wyoming Trivia

1.  What writer is honored by a monument in downtown Medicine Bow, Wyoming?
2. Name the two tribes included in the Fort Bridger Treaty of 1868.
3.  This became the first incorporated town in Wyoming in 1884, six years before statehood.
4.  This animal, found in Wyoming, is used as our nation’s symbol of wilderness areas?

See answers below photo
Grizzly Bear - seemed a lot closer when I snapped this photo

     1. Owen Wister – it’s across the street from the Virginian Hotel
     2. Shoshone and Bannock
     3. Hartville - a five-minute drive from my home

     4. Grizzly Bear - maybe I gave this away with the photo
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