This site features short stories from my book Goodnight Wyoming

                                           Goodnight Wyoming

Everyone loves a good story and Wyoming’s history is blessed with good stories.  Enjoy yourself as you read through the following stories.  Some of the following are the familiar, some are obscure, some are serious or tragic and some are humorous.  But all the stories are Wyoming tough, through and through.  The Cowboy state at its finest!

These stories are not meant to be a history of Wyoming.  Instead they are stories of interesting people, places, and events in Wyoming History.  The stories do follow a rough chronological order, but there is no need to read them in order.  Take a look at the chapter listings and read the ones that look the best first, saving the boringstuff for later, you know, those days when you have problems falling asleep.

Note:  If you are reading these stories for a school report, bless you, and make sure you read every word, and don’t copy.  Keep the stories in your room or mom and dad might try to steal them, history gets better the older you are and if your parents are like most parents, they are really old.

Enjoy, and happy dreams!

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